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Are You Ruining Your Skin With Bad Hair Products?

Posted by Julien Lacomblez on

You do like your skin glowing and toxin-free, don’t you? In your laborious cycle of searching for and maintaining the perfect, spotless skin, you might have turned to high-end and high-performing organic products. This is a great start. But here is something you might have missed.

We focus a lot on skincare products (rightfully so); but what we fail to realize is that other products we use and apply in our everyday beauty regimen actually do impact our skin and can have significant effects.

Your haircare is part of your skincare

Since we deal with hair every single day, we often hear “It’s just hair”. Yes, but at some point, haircare is skincare; and this is true for everyone—unless, of course, you exclusively wear your hair in a bun and only sleep on your back—all night, no exception. We all know that’s unrealistic.

When the wind blows your hair into your face and your mouth, when your hair rubs against your pillow and your scarves, and worse… when it rains, then at that very moment, your hair care becomes your skincare.

If you do not select your hair products with as much care as you do your skincare products, you run the risk of lessening the efforts you have put into a well thought-out and high-performing skincare routine.

What does this mean?

It really means 2 things. First, if you have sensitive skin and have opted for paraben-free and formaldehyde-free organic products, you would also want to avoid hair care products that contain formaldehyde releasing or irritating preservatives like urea or (metyl)isothiazolinone. All the ingredients you want to avoid on your face should also be avoided in your hair.

Second, it means that you are already on the right path. The good habits you have taken when selecting products for your face will help you when it comes to choosing products for your hair. You’re already half-way there.

Ingredients to avoid specific to hair care

We are fully engaged on the natural path and would recommend you go organic and truly natural. Avoid petroleum and mineral oils. They will do nothing for your hair and might clog your pores. The same is true with silicones. These are very easy to spot. In the ingredient lists, they end in –cone and –xane. Depending on the price point of the product, the silicones used are more or less sophisticated or volatile but all they do is mask the real state of your hair and skin under a more or less thin plastic-like layer.

In your hair products, it would be best to avoid BTMS (behentrimonium methosulfate). This substance is usually derived from natural oils which are chemically processed. That in itself is not a problem. Unfortunately, the outcome is a potentially irritating ingredient to people with sensitive skin; and in addition to that, it is hard to break down and is a mild pollutant. This is why it is prohibited in European certified organic cosmetics.

Products we recommend

Are you demanding when it comes to performance and ethics? If yes, Antonin .B is for you. We create cosmetic solutions that are efficient, ethical, professional, 100% nature derived and certified organic; so we help you care for your hair consciously.

Curly hair type? Bouclème is an independent curl care brand, born out of an authentic love and respect for curls, created by one curly for others. Bouclème simple curl system is designed to enhance curls as nature intended.


There isn't only haircare products. You can sleep AND take care of your hair at the same time. 

Madison and White was founded by Kamela Hurley at the start of 2015. After just one night of sleep on her new pillowcases, she couldn't believe the difference. Her morning hair wasn't messy, she didn't have sleep wrinkles, and her skin and hair felt hydrated.

Ladies, you are welcome!

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