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Clean Beauty 101 - Are You Applying Facial Oils the Right Way?

Posted by Julien Lacomblez on

Facial oils will make your skin glow. They will instantly give you sought after skin dew. They will nourish, soothe, soften, moisturise, protect, replenish… the list goes on. Using facial oils the right way brings all of these skin benefits. Using a facial oil the wrong way may only get you a few.

How to use a facial oil

Facial oils can be intimidating. As ultra-rich, water-free treatments, a little goes a long way. Question is, when do you use those 1 to 2 drops? Is it before moisturiser? After cleanser? In replacement of serum?

The answer to all these questions is easy once you understand this simple nugget of skin science.

Skincare products should be applied in order of thickness.

Which means serums come before facial oils.

Lotions come before moisturisers.

…and the answer to your question, when to apply facial oil? After all 3, serums, lotions and moisturisers.

Facials oils are the thickest of all skincare products with just one exception – face balm. Meaning you will mostly be applying a facial oil, like Oilixia's Amazonian Cacay Facial Oil as the last step in your skincare routine.

Pro-tip: If you’re new to using facial oils or find they take a while to sink in, apply another thin layer of moisturiser over top of your facial oil to help the oil based actives absorb fully.

When to apply facial oil

Another way to think of it is like this… moisturisers give a lot of water and a little bit of oil. Facial oils give a concentrated dose of oil. The bottom layers of your skin are both water and oil based. The top layers of your skin are almost completely oil based. Meaning serums needs to go deeper to benefit your skin, whereas facial oils are also very active even when absorbing into your skin’s first few layers.

Applying facial oils as the last step of your skincare routine allows serums to work just as effectively as your facial oils. Maximum benefits for skin.

Face oil vs. cream

Now you know when to apply facial oil, you might be wondering if you need both face oil and cream. Can you skip one? If a face cream has both water and oil and a face oil is just oil, can you use just a serum and oil?

This is the magic. Yes you can.

Face creams are a mixture of everything. Made from some water based actives, a few skin conditioners and a pinch more of nutritive oils. They’re a great cover-a-little-of-every-base approach. However if you want specialist solutions, you’ll likely find maximum skin benefits from using a separate serum and facial oil specifically catering for your skin’s unique needs.

Face oil before or after sunscreen?

Here comes the last caveat in the answer to your question when to apply facial oil. Sunscreen should always be applied after your facial oil. The purpose of sunscreen is to protect your skin against damaging UV light. It can only shield effectively when it’s in the very top layers of your skin. If you apply a facial oil on top of sunscreen, it will either not be absorbed or… it will sink sunscreen into deeper layers of your skin. Bottom line: Use face oil before sunscreen.

Do you have more questions about when to apply facial oils? 

Ask us them in the comments below…

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