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Meet the founder: Han Skincare Cosmetics & Beauty Blogger Jaclyn Houston.

Posted by Julien Lacomblez on

As we welcome HAN Skincare Cosmetics to the Clean Beauty Mart family, we would like to introduce to you the woman behind the brand, Susan and Jaclyn, a clean beauty blogger doing regular partnerships with the brand.

Susan Wong is Founder & CEO of HAN Skincare Cosmetics. She is based in the San Francisco Bay Area where she grew up and got her start in the beauty industry as a freelancer for different brands.  After college, Susan worked for corporate and in her last position spent over a decade in finance before leaving to start HAN.  The idea was ignited by her pregnancy when she was looking for safer and cleaner makeup at appealing prices but found they were far and few between.  Seeing this void, Susan left corporate and set out to create a more accessible line of high performance natural cosmetics for consumers to look good and feel good about what they were putting on their skin.

Jaclyn M. Houston is a clean beauty blogger based in Brooklyn, NY. She hopes to help people transition to cleaner beauty by providing personalized recommendations, creating tutorials and giving honest reviews of clean beauty products. Follow this link to see Jaclyn instagram account: @jaclynhouston.

⇥ What was your “aha” moment that lead you to switch to using cleaner makeup products?
Susan WongMy "aha" moment came during my pregnancy when I was more cautious and discerning about what I ate and applied on my skin, knowing that I would be affecting the health of my future baby at the time. The research I did shed light on the risks of certain ingredients in conventional beauty products and this motivated me to switch to cleaner cosmetics.

Jaclyn M. Houston: I had been really into eating clean and organic and working out and my brother actually pointed out to me that it wasn't good to be putting a bunch of toxic makeup on my face everyday, so that got me thinking. I then started doing a lot of research and decided to make the switch to cleaner beauty!

⇥ For those of us just beginning on a product-detox journey, where should we start?
Susan WongI would recommend googling "why green beauty" to understand the why and the what behind the movement, which can provide context for a product detox journey.  In terms of where to start, introduce a few natural products at a time and replace their conventional counterparts in a gradual manner instead of swapping everything at once.  This gives skin time to adapt to new products and ingredients for an easier transition and lowers the risk of irritation especially for sensitive skin.

Jaclyn M. Houston: I would say start with things that cover a lot of your skin or that you wear on a daily basis, like shampoo and conditioner, deodorant, body lotion and foundation. The Think Dirty App is a great tool to see which products are the dirtiest and EWG is great for looking up ingredients.

⇥ What are typically the most harmful ingredients lurking in our makeup bag?
Susan Wong: I would say fragrance and despite it being one word, this ingredient can be comprised of hundreds of chemicals some of which may be toxic or allergenic and unfortunately fragrance manufacturers are not required to disclose the composition which they deem a "trade secret". Another potentially harmful ingredient is parabens which have been found in human breast tissue. It's hard to believe parabens are still widespread in beauty products but also encouraging that we're starting to see more products with the paraben-free label.

Jaclyn M. Houston: I would say to keep a look out for Fragrance, Parabens, Sodium lauryl sulfate and PEG compounds.

⇥ What are your go-to essentials?
Susan WongCurrently my go to products include my concealer, which I wear to brighten the eye area and even out skin tone. I pair this with blush in the shade bloom and nude rose lip gloss for a natural and everyday makeup look.

Jaclyn M. HoustonMy must have products are blush, bronzer, mascara and foundation!

⇥ What’s your favorite natural beauty tip?
Susan WongIt's cliche but I think often overlooked and that is to drink more water and stay hydrated. Try drinking more water than usual for a week and you may find as I do that it manifests in more radiant skin, a more rested look, and overall improved health. This makes sense since water helps flush out toxins from the body, and another great thing is it's free, or relatively inexpensive to obtain!

Jaclyn M. HoustonLess is more, make sure to start with a great hydrated base and use more cream products to give a natural look.

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