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Natural Cosmetics: Introduction to Han Skincare Cosmetics.

Posted by Lateisha Green on

We all dream of radiant, flawless skin. And when backed by the most enticing ad campaigns, you get millions of women and girls chasing that dream into every store that carries whatever the product is! We go armed with the belief that, if it works for her (the model, celebrity or friend who uses it) then it must work for me! And more often than not, we ignore the ingredient list.


“Why should I care about the ingredient list if it does what it says it’s supposed to do?”, I’ve asked myself countless times, looking for some justification for purchasing the product. The fact of the matter is, yes – it may just do what it says it’s going to do. But are you willing to risk your health?

Commercial beauty products often have harsh chemicals in them that can affect our health over time. (Not to mention the environmental factors. Yikes!) So, it comes as no surprise when Founder and CEO of Han Skin Care Cosmetics chose to abandon her Sephora-loving lifestyle and chase more organic and natural options. However, to her dismay, there weren’t many affordable natural cosmetics available, and that’s when the stroke of inspiration hit!


Now, Han Skin Care Cosmetics boasts of face, eye, cheek and lip products that are all natural with super-fruits, green and black tea extracts, vitamins, and other skin beneficial ingredients. The colors in their cosmetic products are derived from plant and vegetable pigments and natural minerals. They never use any synthetic colorants or undesirable natural sources, like carmine, found in the beetle (yes, the bug) that is crushed for its red dye. Oh! And did I mention - the pigments are not only beautiful, but their antioxidant properties can provide skin care treatments too!


Radiant, flawless skin without harming my body, the environment or animals? Check!

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