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Wellness. Where’s the Science?

Posted by Julien Lacomblez on

Wellness. Where’s the Science?

What do you think of when you hear the word “wellness”?

You might envision your weekend nature hikes, morning meditation or daily golden milk latte. Maybe wellness is simply reclining on the couch and shutting off your phone. Or you might think of wellness as a total hoax (i.e. you don’t believe in seven-day green juice cleanses to “detox” your body and you’ll never understand the health claims behind vaginal jade eggs). [1]


Chances are you’re somewhere in between. Whatever side of the spectrum you skew towards, there’s one thing we can likely all agree on: wellness does not imply science.

With that said, in honour of World Science Day, we’re speaking to Luxe Botanics, looking more closely at the importance of science in the pursuit of wellness.


The Looming Problem With Wellness 

More and more, the wellness industry is being scrutinized and criticized[2] by both health experts and consumers. That’s because the industry is increasingly making health claims, including those that are far-fetched (some are more subtle and others are even valid, making these claims more confusing than ever to the layperson).


Once upon a time many of the wellness practices popular today were considered fringe customs of unconventional groups (e.g. “hippies”) but these days, wellness trends—from kale juice and herbal supplements to flower essences and crystals—have become the cool kid on the block. Even your most skeptical friend has probably tried bone broth or a cocktail infused with activated charcoal.


But let’s take a step back and ask: What exactly is wellness? And should it be brushed off?

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, wellness is “the quality or state of being in good health especially as an actively sought goal.”

 And that’s a great goal.


The challenge is when wellness companies say their products will make changes like eliminate inflammation, cure depression or balance hormones when there is minimal or zero evidence to show it. We believe wellness should be approached with a scientific eye as you actively seek your wellness goals, whether that’s more energy, a happier mood or heathier skin.


Wellness and clean beauty

How Wellness Can Be Achieved Through Skin Care -- and Science

As a skincare brand that relies on its core botanicals, Marula, Kigelia and Camu Camu, to drive the efficacy of its formulas, Luxe Botanics draws from nature to effect positive visible changes.


But the brand doesn’t believe natural equates to quality. Quality skin care begins—and ends—with science.

Our earth provides us with many natural resources to help us thrive: antioxidant-filled berries, life-giving water and nutritious green vegetables, to name a few. Then, of course, there are natural substances that deliver beautiful, radiant skin, whether you consume them or apply them topically. However, we repeat: when it comes to skin, nature isn’t enough. It must be backed by science.


At Luxe Botanics, Founder, Jené Roestorf, believes that clinical data and overwhelming anecdotal evidence is paramount when determining the efficacy and performance of skincare ingredients and formulations. In fact, a science-backed approach to skin care is one of the founding tenets of Luxe Botanics as Jené is a biotechnologist, so science naturally flows in her veins!  This is why the core botanicals and other beneficial ingredients they incorporate into their skin care are only those that have been extensively studied or proven—not to mention sustainable, certified organic and wild harvested whenever possible.


They pride themselves in maintaining the highest standards when it comes the scientific merit of their ingredients. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t all about wellness too.

Wellness is the pursuit of feeling healthy and a mean of self-care. And one way to practice self-care and achieve wellness is investing and committing to a skincare ritual.

A skin care ritual is all about nurturing yourself in ways to feel more positive and relaxed inside and out, and nourishing the largest organ of your body by feeding it with nutrients that have demonstrated efficacy.


For Luxe Botanics, wellness and science to go hand in hand. Because wellness isn’t achievable unless the tools you use are actually effective. This is what they aim to deliver, and that is their promise to you.

Happy World Science Day! 


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