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Natural Butter Balm - Heal

Natural Butter Balm - Heal

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Good for you :

The Heal butter balm is excellent for cuts, burns or rashes.  Also helps soothe dry and chapped skin.  Made with cold pressed oils and plant botanicals.

Quantity of Goodness bottled up :

0.5 oz

Totally Clean - Your skin will thank you :

The Lotus line has a lot to offer anyone interested in a healthier lifestyle, detoxing, and healing.  Only quality ingredients are used.  The Lotus flower is a symbol of beauty, purity and tranquility in several cultures, not to mention its captivating scent.

How to use

Apply generously to dry skin, scars and burns.


  • Shea Butter- High in fatty acids helps reduce the appearance of scars.
  • Beeswax- Antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory helps treat skin irritations.
  • Calendula Oil- An Antiseptic that stimulates the healing of wounds and soothes skin with eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and other skin issues.  
  • Carrot Seed Oil- Rich in vitamins A, C & E to nourish and moisture the skin.
  • Tamanu Oil- Rejuvenates the skin and speeds up the healing process.
  • Pink Lotus Flower- This rare scent fosters tranquility and neutralizes free radicals. Natural alpha-hydroxy exfoliates and regenerates skin cells.
  • Frankincense- Helps reduce the appearance of scars and speeds up healing.
  • Helichrysum- Anti-inflammatory and great for regenerating and healing skin
  • Yarrow- A powerful natural astringent that promotes skin healing.  Also has natural anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.  
  • Vit E- An Anti-oxidant that helps skin recover from scars and burns.