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our approval process

01. Brand's history & identity

It starts with a need from our customers.

Or when we feel there’s a product missing from our shelves, we go out and meet dozens of candidates, looking for the best quality products we can find.

We’re not interested in carrying every single product possible; we strictly curate our selection to offer our customers only the "crème de la crème" (read best of the best).

02. Ingredients screening

We wouldn’t put anything that’s toxic on our skin, or yours because our skin absorbs 60% of the products you put on it.

So before we bring it to you, we check each ingredient against our restricted list — which we continually update as new research comes out, to only bring goodness in a bottle to our customers.

We want to be absolutely sure we’re offering you the cleanest and most effective formulas. No downsides or compromises allowed.

03. Test & Validation

When we are certain a product is safe and effective, we go deeper with the maker, finding out about process, purity and personality.

We only work with people who build their brands on the values at the heart of the #cleanbeauty movement — environmental friendly, safety, innovation and community building.

04. Launch

Before we officially welcome a product to our shelves, we educate our staff on its ingredients, benefits and any special usage tips, in partnership with our brands partners.

Once we all become experts, the product’s ready for you!

We make sure you’ll find the same information online as you’d get in our stores, and we send out an alert to let you know we’ve got fresh goods.