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Molten Botanical Body Butter

Molten Botanical Body Butter

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Good for you :

Deeply infiltrating oils and plant extract phytonutrient compounds enter cells and help to regenerate and heal. Advanced silk extracts and blue pearls reduce scars, irregularities (lines, spots, uneven tone) and increase moisture retention for a return to healthy skin. Plant extracts, handmade infusions, and oils will transport you and move you with the authentic scents of the most beautiful and medicinal botanicals on Earth. 

This deep and intensely moisturizing molten immersion will instantly restore and repair the worst of skin damage and trauma. Developed for the most severe of skin damage from environmental, repetitive washing, and chronic illness related conditions. UV protection level: SPF 15+

Quantity of Goodness bottled up :

2 oz

Totally Clean - Your skin will thank you :

Everyday products with the added bonus of plant therapies and mineral detoxification for a more simple and healthy life.

Ultra Pure. Intensely Gentle. Minimal Ingredients.

Impäkt Organic organic formulas are powered by the layering of therapies directly from the Earth. Impäkt Organic unique chemistry and production techniques use the gifts that nature has provided for dramatic results and real healing from inside the cellular structures of the skin and body systems.

How to use

Apply a few pumps to body as desired and massage into skin. Soaks in fully in 10-15 minutes. Start with smaller amounts until you have found the perfect amount for your needs.


Pure Organic Lanolin, Raw Fresh Beeswax, American Oryza Sativa, Organic Pure African Shea Butter, Bulgarian Rose Wax, Organic Oils (African Shea, Japanese Camellia,, Senegalese Hibiscus, American Meadowfoam, Namibian Marula), Crushed Blue Pearls, Raw Silk Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Botanical Extracts (Italian Bergamot, Madagascar Ylang Ylang, Indian Jasmine, Canadian Citrus).