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Purifying Shampoo 3-8 years

Purifying Shampoo 3-8 years

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Good for you :

A shampoo dedicated to 3-8 years that purifies hair with infinite softness for the scalp. It is the effective complement to anti-lice treatments. An innovative formula based on a composition reduced to what is strictly necessary to effectively wash children's hair.

Its extra gentle cleansing base and its moisturizing plant ingredients ORGANIC Lavender and Tea Tree purify the scalp while ensuring softness and shine to the hair. Dermatologically tested on sensitive sensitive skin.

Quantity of Goodness bottled up :

8.2 oz

Totally Clean - Your skin will thank you :

Enfance Paris is the baby care brand that comes to the rescue of mothers who don’t understand anything on their bathroom product labels. Enfance Paris’ cosmetic line is efficient and transparent: no chemical products and zero parabens, preservatives, paraffin or colourants.

Ingredients in these baby toiletries are minimal and include only organic products. As for the products, they are 100% French and are adapted for 3 different age groups: From 0 to 3, to ease sleep difficulties; from 3 to 8, for once they fall and hurt themselves at school; and finally from 8 to 12, when they start having morning showers!

Fall in love with Enfance Paris, an exquisite cosmetics brand for children.

How to use

Apply directly with the pump on all the wet hair. Lather. Rinses very easily.


Water, Organic Lavender Floral Water, Decyl glucoside (nonionic surfactant derived from the coconut), Glycerin (vegetable), Coco-glucoside (nonionic surfactant and solubilizer of vegetable origin), Organic Lavender essential oil, Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil, Benzyl Alcohol (Preservative of Plant Origin).

99% of the total is of natural origin