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Temperate Day Cream

Temperate Day Cream

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Good for you :

WHY IT'S DIFFERENT: The Temperate Climate Energized Beautifiers (TE-CEBs) provide skin-saving results when temperatures are mild (45°F — 75°F), humidity is average (45% — 65%), and when exposed to mild sun, clouds, precipitation, and pollution.  

THINK: Happy face. Manhattan.

Quantity of Goodness bottled up :

1 oz

Totally Clean - Your skin will thank you :

Transparency & Harmony—This is what Pour Moi Skincare is made of. Pour Moi is committed to offering a solution for everyone to have happy and healthy skin. To include harmful ingredients in our climate smart formulations would betray our ethos.

How to use

Always apply the Temperate Day Cream after the Serums or to clean skin. Use twice a day for best results. The Day Cream is the third and final step of the Réponse du Climat® Rituals.

1. Use the fingertips to apply one drop to the face and neck.

2. Allow the Day Cream to fully blend into your skin before applying sunscreen and/or makeup.

Beauty Tips:

  • Change your Day Cream when climate changes, whether geographic or seasonal. If you travel to a different time zone, you are most likely in a new climate.
  • Less is more with Pour Moi. You just need a drop.